Fantasy National Golf Club

The FNGC is a private golf club for fantasy golfers. We don't make picks; we make world class research tools that save you time and allow you to make better decisions. Sign in

Fantasy National. Private Golf Club. Members Only.

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We understand prospective members of the FNGC are the titans of industry that don't have time to waste on fluff. Check out our one minute intro video to see what we are all about. Watch the video.

Golf Club Amenities

Stat Engine

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When you hear "Over the last 24 rounds or last 36 rounds" Well... That's us. Nobody else does that. Nobody else thought to do that. Then we let you splice and dice it from there. This is where we shine.

Lineup Generator

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Our lineup generator gives you the best exposure, period. We invented "Moving Shares". It's a game changer.


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Before every tournament we simulate it 1000 times to find out probability of each player winning, making the cut, finishing T10, etc. Go back through history and see how it has performed.

Ownership Calculations

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We crowd source user activity to develop highly accurate ownership projections.

Custom Model

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Build your own custom model like the pros.

Betting Tools

In addition to daily fantasy pricing, we regularly update betting odds for those lucky enough to legally place wagers.

Course Breakdowns

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Our visual course breakdowns allow you quickly see what skills matter each week.

Head to Head

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Awesome tools for head to head betting analysis. We pull every time the two players of your choosing played on the same course on the same day and determine what a proper line should be.