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The FN Stat Engine

All the stats at the Fantasy National Golf Club are "gained". For every stat on every course of every round of every tournament we calculate what the average player did that day. Then we compare each player to that average. We track which rounds were difficult, which were easy, what type of grass was played on, and a number of other factors. This allows you to go in and select specific round conditions. We then go in and pull each players most recent X rounds (you specify how many) that meet that criteria, add up their gained stats and compare them to the field for the current week's tournament. Yeah, it’s a little confusing, but it’s fucking awesome and available exclusively to FNGC members.

Historic Conditions

Quickly see the conditions of every round for every tournament. A course may play tough one day and easy another. If you want to find guys that play well on tough courses, why would you include a round that played simple even if the course is traditionally difficult?

Organized Information

A lot of stat providers overwhelm you with thousands of columns of data. We've organized it all into nice, consumable, easy to read chunks.

Rolling Player Summaries

What is current form? Is it the last 5 events, last 10 events? You get to decide. Members of the Fantasy National Golf Club can easily dig deep to see if a player's form is ahead or trailing his long term form, making it easier to project which players to fade and which are sleepers.